Our Impact

How are we reducing our impact?

Sustainable packaging

All of our boxes can be reused or recycled. Our packaging stuffing and thank you cards are all recyclable too. Sometimes we use packing peanuts but they are made from corn so are compostable. Even our stickers are compostable. For our gift wrapping we only use brown paper and jute string. We only email receipts to customers to reduce the amount of paper being used. If there is anything you would like us to focus on, let us know! We would love to see how we can get even better at ensuring our packaging does not make an environmental impact.

Our products impact

We have teamed up some amazing people who share our sustainable mindset. All of our products are made using sustainable, recycled or discarded materials, handmade and intended for a lifetime of use. Check out each product for more information on what makes them special.

Charitable donations

We have teamed up with some great businesses who want to help irish charities. For each item sold, a donation will be made to a particular charity. We plan on expanding this with other products we stock to try and give a little back to some great causes.